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What a better day than today to share with you all the story of how my husband and I came to be "The Jacobs". Valentine's Day hasn't always been a huge deal to us. In college, I was usually at an indoor track meet and in recent years Carson has been on a different continent so the day itself holds little meaning in our schedules but the celebration of love is not something we take lightly. So, today I'm sharing my favorite story, our story. It's my favorite because it's one I can see God's fingerprints all over and it was the plot twist I never knew I needed in my love life.

Freshman Year

Carson and I both entered Vanderbilt's Campus as freshman in the fall of 2012 with no knowledge of each other. He was on the golf team and I on the track team. The athletic circle wasn't all that big so we became acquaintances but I still vow that I didn't really know him until our Junior year. I did, however, know his teammates. And I actually became really great friends with some of them, to which I still am to this day.

The friends were actually so great they told me about this parking spot that they had access to right by our freshman dorms. Side note* freshman weren't allowed to have cars on campus but the golf team could because their course was 30 mins away... And I had brought my car because of course I wasn't going to listen to rules when I could explore Nashville! So, I was pumped to be parking so close to my dorm and not having to look for spots on Nashville's busy streets.

Well it turns out the lot had been reserved through my now father- in-law and set up by Carson for the golf team. (A very Carson thing to do, now knowing him)

One day, I had parked there and it left Carson without a spot (oops). He ended up parking in an illegal spot and getting his car towed (LOL). It cost him a missed practice, 5 hours of calling towing companies around Nashville and about $250. In return, he left a *very heated note* on my windshield telling me I wasn't welcomed in that lot and something about law enforcement blah, blah, blah. I had no idea who had written the note and he didn't know whose car that had been (Thank God!). It could've been an interesting first impression and one that probably wouldn't have led to getting married one day. But God must've laughed and said "I have more in store".

*As an aside, I always tell Carson that he should've known at that point that I would cost him time, effort and money for the rest of his life;).

Sophomore Year

Carson and I didn't interact much at all Sophomore year but I knew who he was and what he looked like. I just didn't know where he lived.

In April, one month prior to the school year ending, I was standing with my laundry in hand in the elevator of our building when Carson walked in. It was just the two of us standing in silence so I asked "what are you doing here" as if he'd never been in the building.... he responded with "I live here." ...Directly one floor under me. Oops. He then got off one floor before me and walked to his dorm. P.S. if you ever want to let someone know you haven't been paying attention to them in the slightest, ask where they live 8 months after living in the same building as them and passing them frequently.

Apparently I hadn't completely blown my chances because the summer of Sophomore year both Carson and I were moved into the dorms all athletes went to if they made it to the "post season" and one night in the parking lot he threw me the "are you here this summer too?" OBVIOUSLY... but he followed it with "let me get your number". SMOOOTH Jacobs. Okay, number given.

Junior Year

I spent the summer before and the beginning of my Junior year working on my own personal health. It was at an all time low during my sophomore year but we'll touch on that another day.

Meanwhile, Carson and I had snap chatted (lol) and texted occasionally throughout that time. I thought he was funny + cute but definitely too good of a guy for me. ***thoughts formed by that all-time low state of health I was in and some previous relationships.

That fall, I really focused on my faith and my walk with Jesus. That time still stands to be my testimony today which i'll share more about at a later date. After I found healing, I was very busy dating all the wrong guys.

However, the more I focused on my relationship with Christ, the more I realized I didn't need any guy to be a part of my life at that time. I decided I was done dating and I was going to enjoy the rest of my junior and senior year before graduating.

LOL, or so I thought.

I ended up texting Carson to congratulate him on a college tournament he had won in Sept/Oct and stated that he definitely needed to celebrate with Jeni's ice cream. We decided we would both go (because he'd never been?!?) and to this day Carson says he thought "nothing of it".

We ate our ice cream and then sat outside of Jeni's on a park bench talking for about 3 hours. Carson didn't stop smiling the whole time and I thought what the heck have I done. I like him and i'm not supposed to be dating.

He must've thought something after the fact because he asked me on a follow up date and the rest is truly history.

**Although it's really fun to add this detail from our follow up date so i'm including it here. Carson and I went bowling with another couple and I had just purchased a pair of FRYE boots. For any of you who have worn them, you know it can take awhile to break them in. It also doesn't help that one of my ankles is a lot larger than the other from years of sports and injury. Anyways, after we were done bowling I could NOT get my one foot in my boot. Like at all. Carson was pulling on it, I began sweating from the combination of working so hard to get it on and being embarrassed and ended up walking out of the alley to the car and to dinner with only one boot on! At the time I was mortified but we both now look back on it and laugh. Moral of the story girls, the shoe doesn't have to fit to get your prince charming! LOL

Anyways, our story is my favorite story because it's not really ours. It's one God had already written for me that I just needed to get on board with. It wasn't until I put my plans aside for my life that I was able to follow those God had already set in place. And let me tell you, they were abundantly more than I could've hoped for myself.

If Carson and I had met and went on a date any time before the time we did, I am confident we would've not gone on another date. All that time, God was working in both of our hearts and molding us into who we were in Him. We weren't changing for each other, we were changing for Him.

If you are in a time in your life wondering why your single or who's your person or even if you're dating the wrong person, trust that God has the answer and He wants what's best for you. I am telling you that through my own experience and I will also tell you it's not easy to sit with that answer all the time or to trust the process. But trust me, i've been there.

So in honor of Valentine's Day I'm sharing some of my loves: A God who has your best interest in mind, my sweet husband, coffee, and the color pink.

Pink Chocolate Latté


6 oz coffee, hot

1/4 cup almond milk

1 pinch pink Himalayan salt

1 tsp Maple syrup

1 tsp Beet powder

1/2 tbsp cacao powder

Pinch of cacao nibs (optional)


1. Brew 6-8 ounces of your favorite coffee

2. Mix in remaining ingredients stirring until well mixed

3. Top with cacao nibs if you desire

4. Sip on your pink drink and enjoy

Happy Valentine's day from me and my loves!



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